Drop your bag, enjoy your last day and get it back at the airport
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Flexible & Simple
We'll pick up your bags at any Paris address, within hours and deliver them to you at the airport. Book our service in less than 5 minutes.
Make the most of your last day in Paris, visiting, walking, shopping, chilling, anything with your hands free!
Your bags are sealed and always watched by our Concierges from the moment you give us your trust until you get them back.

Benefit from Drop Your Bag professional luggage pickup and delivery service

When you have to spend a few hours or a few days in Paris, you can avoid dragging your heavy and cumbersome suitcases all day long from a place to another. Drop Your Bag is renowned for its quality luggage pickup and delivery service in Paris.

Discover the advantages of using a luggage pickup and delivery professional

There are several kinds of luggage pickup and delivery service in Paris and an increasing number of travelers are using them to ease their stay in the French capital. Some may want to take public transport and go for a city tour or shopping as soon as they get off the airport. Others have to move directly to their office or attend a professional event (meeting, seminar, convention…) and want their suitcases to be dropped off at their hotel. Some only have a few hours between two flights and are willing to make the most of them without spending time to go get their stuff back.

In any case, using such service allows them to move freely while being reassured about their safety. The concierges collect, store or deliver the bags wherever requested : hotel, airbnb rental, home, office, train station if the final destination is to be reached by train…

Drop Your Bag provides quality luggage management service

Need a specialized company based in Paris to handle pickup and delivery of your luggage ? Stop searching, call Drop Your Bag and its team of experienced concierges. We ensure their safety from the moment we pick them up to the time you take them back at our counters or directly at your departure terminal.

There is no complex formality to benefit from this simple, fast and flexible solution. All you have to do is submit your booking online. This will take you less than five minutes and requires you to indicate the number of packages along with the desired pick-up date and time.

As soon as your stuff are handed over to our caretakers, you no more have to worry about their safety ince they are sealed and constantly until you take them back. There is no restriction regarding the size and weight of the baggage be handled, we surely have the appropriate answer.

Futhermore, you can pick-up your bags at any time, there is no risk for the facility to be closed, which happens regularly to lockers located in airport terminals or train stations.

If you don’t want to move to our counters, our team members will be happy to make your suitcases available directly at your departure terminal, ready for check-in.

Ready to enjoy your luggage-free experience ?

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