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We'll pick up your bags at any Paris address, within hours and deliver them to you at the airport. Book our service in less than 5 minutes.
Make the most of your last day in Paris, visiting, walking, shopping, chilling, anything with your hands free!
Your bags are sealed and always watched by our Concierges from the moment you give us your trust until you get them back.

A reliable luggage pick up, storage and delivery service in Paris

Any tourist or professional can call on the services of a professional airport concierge to handle his suitcases. Drop Your Bag, a recognized airport concierge, collects your luggage, ensures safe storage and transfer to Paris airport.

How to chose the best luggage storage service provider in Paris ?

The airport concierge is a recent activity that allows travelers to entrust a professional for the pick-up, storage and transfer of suitcases before or after a flight. The service has many advantages, especially the possibility of not having to carry heavy luggage in public transport and across the city. It is however essential to carefully choose the service provider.

Indeed, many companies offer to transfer luggage from a place to another, but safety is not always garanteed, and in case of any delay, the traveler may miss his flight or have to leave his stuff behind. Furthermore, all of these providers are not available at any time.

A professional concierge seals your suitcases and even offers to complete all your airport formalities. Furthermore, it does not limit the size and weight of the suitcases you entrust to him. Drop Your Bag is a reference in its area. You can rely on its team to collect your belongings, keep them safe thanks to its luggage storage facility in Paris, then delivery them directly at the check-in counter.

Drop Your Bag, a provider that delivers quality services to its customers

As a professional airport concierge, our business is to collect, store and transfer your suitcases to/from the airport. Wherever you are located in Paris, we collect your luggage and make them available to you at the airport while ensuring their integrity. Securing your belongings is one of our priorities, we seal your suitcases before the transfer.

In order all customers requests, we have chosen not to limit the weight of the luggage we carry. Our prices are one of the most advantageous of the market, the cost of our services is fixed at 15 € per luggage, plus 10 € per additional bag.

Our availability is also one of the reasons why customers trust us. We can handle your luggage 24/7, even on public holidays. If you want more information about our services, please feel free to call us.

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