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We'll pick up your bags at any Paris address, within hours and deliver them to you at the airport. Book our service in less than 5 minutes.
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Your bags are sealed and always watched by our Concierges from the moment you give us your trust until you get them back.

Try a secured luggage transfer service in Paris

If you do not want to burden yourself with cumbersome suitcases during your stay in the French capital, why not rely on a luggage transfer service in Paris? In CDG and Orly airports, Drop Your Bag is one a company specialized in baggage management.

Why use a luggage transfer service when traveling in Paris?

Gone are the days when travelers have to carry heavy and cumbersome bags across Paris during their stay. It only requires a few clicks on a mobile application to benefit from a quality service provided by a specialized company. Its team ensures luggage pick-up, drop-off and storage between airport and any desired location and date.

Entrusting your stuff to professionals allows you to move freely in the city for shopping, have lunch in Parisian most famous restaurants, visit tourist sites or museums. What a relief, whether you are there as a tourist or for business!

Innovative luggage services are gaining in popularity with all categories of travelers, freeing them from a major constraint. Mobile applications are now available to help people to efficiently prepare their journey and ease their stay in Paris. Now they can forget the nightmare of hauling around 25 kg bags inside the crowded terminal, in public transport if there is no private shuttle or if they do not want to pay for a taxi.

Drop Your Bag, specialist of the baggage luggage

Drop Your Bag is one of the travelers’ preferred service provider when it comes to their luggage management. Its range of services include baggage pick-up, transfer and storage from airport to any place in town, including train station for those who are heading or coming to/from another French city.

At the time of booking, you only need to indicate the number of packages, the desired date and time of pick-up and other necessary instructions. Within a few hours, one of our caretakers comes to collect your suitcases. These are then sealed and recorded before being storage in a secured facility for specified storage time waiting for you to take them back. Our team can also make your bags available directly at the check-in counter at the departure terminal.

By choosing this luggage transfer service while in Paris, you can save time and have a great experience: your personal belongings risk no loss and you pay a very reasonable price. Furthermore, unlike automatic lockers in airports and train stations, our facilities remain accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Ready to enjoy your luggage-free experience ?

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