Drop your bag, enjoy your last day and get it back at the airport
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Flexible & Simple
We'll pick up your bags at any Paris address, within hours and deliver them to you at the airport. Book our service in less than 5 minutes.
Make the most of your last day in Paris, visiting, walking, shopping, chilling, anything with your hands free!
Your bags are sealed and always watched by our Concierges from the moment you give us your trust until you get them back.

CDG bags transfer service to enjoy your last day in Paris

Your suitcases and bags transfer to CDG airport can be entrusted to a third party to free you during the last hours before the departure. Even if the airline sometimes offers such service, it is better to turn to specialized companies’ all-in offer. Drop Your Bag collects your luggage and makes them available to you at your departure terminal.

A practical service for tourists and business travelers

Bags transfer to CDG airport is a very interesting service for travelers. Indeed, it allows them to male the most of their stay in Paris without burdening themselves with heavy suitcases and worryin about their safety. Thanks to a concierge service, users have a quiet day and enjoy their journey. Go for a city tour or shopping, have lunch...

Transfer of luggage to CDG or Orly, the two main Parisian airports, is therefore suitable for tourists as well as professionals. To extend the stay by a few hours or to deal with a tight schedule, this flexible solution adapts to all needs.

For example, it is no longer necessary to return to the hotel if you have to depart from the office or the seminar room: a concierge will collect your luggage in advance and make them availale to you at the check-in counter of the airport terminal. Similarly, if your luggage turns out to be too big for the trunk of the car, no more worry to get them to the CDG.

Some airlines offer this optional service, which you can book with your flight. After registration and transfer of the luggage to CDG, it is only necessary to wait for the arrival to recover them on the baggage conveyor. However, this option is expensive compared to other providers' rates, with many restrictions.

Secured bags transfer by a specialized company

There are many companies offering baggage transfers to Roissy-CDG, they can even store them for a few hours if necessary. Among these service providers, Drop Your Bag is highly appreciated for its commitment to help you make the most of your last day without worrying for your bags and suitcases.

We have thus set up a simple and transparent mobile system that allows you to book for pick-up and delivery of your luggage with a few clicks. A caretaker then collects them at the indicated address and monitors them until you take them back a one of our counters located in CDG Airport terminals.

This service is both flexible and safe, at affordable price. With us, the transfer of a luggage to CDG is charged €15 only, and additional luggage management costs € 10 each. If you want to transfer more than ten at a time, one is free. In addition, there is a special B2B offer for business travelers.

Booking has to be made preferably a few hours before the desired pick-up times, our team takes care of the rest until the check-in time at the airport.

Ready to enjoy your luggage-free experience ?

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