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Bags transfer service to Roissy airport

As each airport has its own regulations regarding the size and weight of passengers luggage, any user has to get complete and correct information. Of course, arline can be asked for specific topics but there are basic things to be known about bags transfer at Roissy airport.

Bags transfer to Roissy CDG, the essential parameters

Suitcases preparation is the first key step before flying to any destination. it is indeed necessary to comply to standard rules regarding each luggage size, weight and content before check-in. At the airport, suitcases are weighted one by one then are directed either to the hold or to the cabin.

For most airlines, checked luggage must not exceed 30 kg whrereas limit is set to 15 kg for hand luggage. As regards to the content, some items are forbidden: explosive, inflammable, chemical, weapons and illicit goods. Note that it is always necessary to ask the company to avoid bad surprises (tariffs, regulations...).

Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle is the second largest airport in Europe. It receives more than 60 million passengers every year. It is a real labyrinth with complex structures; it nevertheless proposes all the services and facilities that may be useful to travelers.

For example, for those who do not want to use public transport or taxis, a private shuttle can pick travelers up directly from their home, office, hotel or train station if they come from another city and drive them to airport.

A dedicated team ensures bags collection and transfer form or to Roissy. If the customer intends to spend a few hours a several days in Paris, and need a safe solution for the storage of their belongings, a special service is available. This allows them move freely in the city in total peace of mind, knowing that their stuff are totally safe.

Once registered, all cases handover to Roissy CDG caretakers are under their responsibility. In case of delay or loss of luggage, the customer can contact the company directly.

Drop Your Bag, tailored services to satisfy all your needs

The many formalities to be completed (check-in and check-out) before boarding are often complex and time-consuming, which causes stress and fatigue to passengers. Queuing becomes even harder with bags to be constantly watched. Fortunately, airports managers do the outmost with a wide range of services to make travelling as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Specializing in luggage storage transfer, Drop Your Bag offers its services to all leisure and business travelers... We take care of your suitcases from your place of residence to your final destination. In order to better protect your baggage, we can also wrap them in a plastic film.

Available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, our team is committed to helping customers to fully enjoy their stay in Paris without worrying about their luggage.

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