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We'll pick up your bags at any Paris address, within hours and deliver them to you at the airport. Book our service in less than 5 minutes.
Make the most of your last day in Paris, visiting, walking, shopping, chilling, anything with your hands free!
Your bags are sealed and always watched by our Concierges from the moment you give us your trust until you get them back.

Drop Your Bag handles luggage transfer to Paris airport

Drop Your Bag offers a concierge service to leisure and business travelers. Among other business, he ensure luggage transfer from or to Paris airport at an unbeatable price.

What is a concierge service?

A concierge offers a wide range of service. For example, he can collect your suitcases at your hotel or home and transfert them to airport where they are available to you at the provider’s facility or directly at your check-in counter. You can also call him to pick-up your luggage after landing and drop them off at your hotel. He can even complete all formalities to help you save time and avoid endless queues in airport terminal.

Calling a concierge airport service has many advantages. Entrusting your baggage with such a professional allows you move freely in the city without burdening yourself with heavy suitcases. Furthemore, it’s the most secured solution for your persona belongings, since each bag is sealed, recorded and constantly monitored. Until you take your suitcases back, the concierge takes good care of them.

Furthermore, there is no limit set as regards to the weight and size of the luggage to be handled. However, in case of excess weight, the service provider may charge an extra free on top of base rate.

To make the most of your stay in Paris, Drop Your Bag collects your luggage at any desired location and transfers them to one of Paris main airports (CDG and Orly).

Why do customers trust us?

Since the very beginning, we have committed to satisfying very different needs, especially when it comes to luggage handling, our main business. Our quality services make us your first choice to pick-up and transfer baggage from/to airport and garantee their safety until they are delivered back to you.

To ease your travel, an experienced team is at your service. Whatever your request, our caretakers will be most happy to finding the best tailored solution. We price our services according to their weight and we do not limit the total weight of the luggage and other goods you want to handover.

Please also note that we are available at any time, so feel free to call every day of the week and at any time, even at night. For more information about our services or any urgent request, it is advisable to contact us by phone, you will get a faster response.

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