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Is there a luggage deposit at CDG Airport?

In case you make a short stop in Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and want to visit the city, you can leave your belongings at the CDG luggage office. However, for a maximum safety, it is better to call a professional such as Drop Your Bag to handle luggage transfer from/to CDG airport.

Luggage storage and tranfer service is available at CDG Airport

If your trip includes a transit at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, while waiting for your next flight, you can enjoy the few hours free you have to visit the city. If you are a European citizen, you can leave the airport without any problems. However, if you live outside the European Union, a visa will be required to leave the airport.

As for your bulky baggage, you do not need to carry it everywhere with you because of the high risk of having them stolen. The best solution would be to drop them off in luggage lockers. Thanks to its partnership with Bagages du Monde, CDG airport has been offering such a service since 2010. It can be found in the public area, at the exit of the station CDGVAL - Terminal 2 Gare, and close to the RER station. It allows you to store your luggage for short, mid or long term.

Regarding rates, if the storage period does not exceed 6 hours, it will cost you 6 euros per luggage. For a short-term booking, that is to say from 6 am to 12 pm, you will pay 12 euros the luggage. If you plan to leave your belongings until 2 pm, you will be charged 15 euros the luggage. In case you plan to leave them for a few days, the rates will be 15 euros for luggage for the first hours, and 7.50 euros for the following days up to day 4. From day 5, the service will be charged 5 euros per day and per luggage. Note that these rates date back to 2010 and are subject to change. We highly recommend you to visit the airport website.

Drop Your Bag: an alternative to the CDG luggage deposit

In case you are not satisfied with the service offered by the CDG luggage deposit, or if you are looking for a more flexible and affordable solution, we remain at your disposal.

Anywhere you are located in Paris, we can take care of your luggage at very competitive prices. We move to Charles de Gaulle airport to pick up your luggage only a few hours after your booking. Then we make them available to you directly at the airport before your next flight arrives. Booking on our website will only take you a few minutes.

Thanks to our team of professionals caretakers, we guarantee the safety of your luggage. These are sealed and constantly monitored from the moment you entrust them to us until you take them back.

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