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Your bags are sealed and always watched by our Concierges from the moment you give us your trust until you get them back.

A concierge for baggage transfers in Paris airports

The various formalities before takeoff are not particularly pleasant for travelers. To avoid stress and fatigue, relying on a concierge to ensure baggage transfers in Paris airports is of a great help. Let’s find out the advantages of such a service.

Why call a concierge in airport?

Once the flight booking is done, multiple formalities lie ahead of travelers and most of them a very time-consuming. Indeed, people have to go through several steps plus the waiting time before check-in and take-off.

Therefore, they have to be at airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time to avoid long queues in front of the counters. For those who do not pay enough attention, luggage can be forgotten or lost, especially because the crowd makes the job easier for wrongdoers. Every year, thousands of bags are stolen in airports around the world. For a safe trip, calling a concierge service is highly recommended, whether it’s your first air travel or if you are accustomed.

Travelers benefits from personalized support from his home until take-off. The concierge accompanies his client in the different stages of the journey: airport transfer, luggage handling, check-in, security and passport controls, customs, boarding. In addition to these, the services of a concierge are available to all professionals and individuals who want a preferential treatment at very affordable rates. As the caretaker is responsible for welcoming and supporting clients for all their requests, he is ready to adapt to any situation.

Drop Your Bag, a secured solution for your luggage

In a crowded airport, you have to expect a very long waiting line, which is not only tiring, but also requires you to permanently keep an eye on your suitcases. Fortunately, many airports have improved their services to help travelers and ensure the safety of their bags.

To make your stay in Paris as pleasant as possible, Drop Your Bag can take care of your luggage. After a quick booking, our concierge ensures baggage pick-up and transfers in Paris airports directly to your arrival terminal.

We provide at your service discreet, patient and courteous caretakers who will do their outmost to satisfy you.

Ready to enjoy your luggage-free experience ?

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