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Departure, arrival, stopover ... where to leave luggage in Paris?

For a short or a long term stay, vacation, event, professional trip ... It is better to be freed from heavy and cumbersome suitcases. There are different places where to leave your luggage in Paris, from automatic devices in train stations to specialized service providers. These offer a much better service despite slightly higher price. Thus, with Drop Your Bag, travelers benefit from a secure and on-time service.

Where to store your luggage safely?

Travelers may need to drop off their luggage or transfer them to a third party, especially before departure or arrival. This is indeed more convenient to get to the hotel or visit the town without burdening themselves with suitcases. But the question is: where to leave luggage in Paris?

There are automatic stations in train stations to store your belongings. With a uniform price ranging from € 3 to € 5.5 a day, these lockers are generally open from 6:30 am to 11:45 pm and can keep your bags and suitcases for up to 72 hours. However, these devices are not safe enough; it is even highly advisable not to leave valuables inside such facilities. In addition, they are sometimes closed for security reasons, which can cause significant setbacks when collecting the luggage.

Another solution is available: luggage and transfer professionals. These companies are specialized in sealing, picking-up, storing and delivering your belongings at the indicated places according to your needs.

Go for a professional service

Luggage storage and transfer services have many benefits if you are looking for a place where to leave your luggage in Paris. Your suitcases are safe: usually, a concierge picks-up or collects your bags and packages. They can also deliver them to the airport before you leave, or drop them at a specific address (hotel, rental, home, etc.) upon arrival. This is particularly interesting for international travelers who have large luggage but want to make the most of their stay. Thus, from the first to the last hours of their stay in Paris, they remain free to come and go without worrying about the transport of their luggage across the city.

Moreover, the rates are reasonable as regards to the quality service provided. Indeed, even if it costs few euros more than automatic lockers, it is totally worth it. There is no risk of loss or damage, no restricted schedules or days of closure. You indicate the date and time you wish to pick your bags up or have them delivered at the address of your choice.

Drop Your Bag is a baggage storage and transfer company. Its facilities are a safe place where to leave your luggage with confidence in Paris. This allows you to fully enjoy your stay in the French capital.

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